Djakovo, Osijek, Zagreb

Djakovo, Osijek, Zagreb

Travel in Croatia. In Croatia i visited with my friend Zuzka Djakovo, Osijek, Zagreb when i was there for last time.

We spent there time on Erasmus+.. Two weeks.

I did there some things for first time. Be in new city for two days without hotel, fisrt time i slept in hostel (horrible thing) and walk and walk with big bagpack in 40°C..

The main city where we were was Djakovo. We spent there 10 days. From there we visited Osijek for one day and on travel back we spend 2-3 days in Zagreb (where we were in the start of our trip but only for few hours).

Djakovo – Small city with one big red church. The best icecream.


Osijek – The nearest big city from Djakovo. Ancient and with good shower in fountains.

Zagreb – Horrible hostel, where i was afraid of whole people there, but i am still alive.

Yes you can see we love Croatia.

Place where we spent one night on ground.

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