Presidents in the Czech Republic?

Presidents in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is nation state in central Europe. We have borders with Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. We are small country with capital city which names Prague. The second biggest city is Brno. The Czech Republic divide for three historical territories: Bohemia, Moravia, Czech Silesia. And people from Bohemia dont like people from Moravia and in opposite side is the same.

For what we are popular:

President which stolen pen when he was visiting other country. (Václav Klaus) It was famous in Youtube.

Stealing Pen on Youtube

President which was drunk and almost cannot walk. (Miloš Zeman) Our president who likes alcohol like normal czech people. By the way Czech repubublic is first in drinking beer on the world.

Drunk president

Candidate for president who is blue like a Avatar. (Vladimir Franc) Yes really this guy wanted to be president and he recieved many votes.


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