Braganca – Erasmus city

Braganca – Erasmus city


Braganca is historical and i must say it poor city in Portugal with University IPB. I went there for Erasmus and i was suprised. On February i saw there snow.. In Portugal.. Can you believe? The main building in city is castle which is in the centre of city. And what about IPB school? Will i recommend it? I think no, I will say you: choose bigger city, where you will have more opportunities to travel. Everywhere where you want to travel you must go throw Porto or Lisboa which is 3/6 hours from Braganca.

Accomodation there.. Try to find alone, the agency Riskivector, I will not recommend it again. When i started to live there with this agency i thought i am 50 years back and in some so poor area. Mould on walls…. No, its something for what i want to forgot. If you will have some questions.. Ask, ask 🙂

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