New fashion on the world. – Men are taken off a condom during a sexual act.. It names Stealthing. Its without the consent of their partner. And girls are angry, they dont want to be pregnant and have some problems. On discussion were so many funny facts. The most of people said: Its ok, why not, if she wants sex she should count with that. And next: If girl will stop using pills and she doesnt say it to boy its not problem but if the guy will do this is rape?

“If she wants penis, sperm must also be wanted”

Its funny, how you look for this? By the way, i thing girls which will sleep with boy which will do this, they will be little cheap, you should believe your boyfriend and find some who will not do it. Not sleep with anybody in first date. I am not saying she is stupid he is stupid. You should sleep with somebody who you love and believe him/her. For girls its few times more because after this night they will have bigger problems than boys. For next 18 years and more!!


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