How is it with youtube money?

How is it with youtube money?

I dont know how much you know about earning money on Youtube, but you should know almost everybody on youtube who is posting there more videos want to earn money there. How? First you must create account on youtube and adsense. Add few videos and joint adsense account with youtube account. You can start earning now.

For every view on which you have advertisments on, you will have chance to have money. If the guy who is watching your video will click on one of your ads on video, you will have some money from that. It can be from 0,01 until few dollars for one click.

How much you can earn on youtube?

We can say its 10 000 views = +- 10 dallars. Every month is different. In the time before Chrismas is usually better because people are watching ads more because they want to buy gifts for Chrismas.

Its good way to earn small amount. To have salary from youtube, you must work really so hard.


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