Why Indian people lie?

Why Indian people lie?

Why people from India lie about Nepal? I met few people from India some like Nepal, there was not problem. But some they said Nepal was part of India and in future there will be again. But there is something what is not true, Nepal have never been property of India. I dont know why they say this? Somebody know? Why Nepalese people dont like Indian? Where is the problem? By the way everytimes when i met Nepalese person i was suprise they are so polite and civilized (for that i was suprise because my opinion was its the poorest country and people there dont have money for travel,…) But Indian people what i met they were usually more impolite they didnt know how to behave to girls. I must say i am not againts any country but when you are not in your country you should behave so kind. 🙂 (it looks i am agains India now, when i read it, but i know there some guys and few are good)


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