Czechia hates Muslims?

Czechia hates Muslims?

If you will look for Europe, you will hardly find countries which will doesnt like muslims more than Czech republic, Poland, SLovakia and Hungary… Why is it like that? Maybe because europian union wants to import muslims immigrants to these countries.. And of course… Its our countries and we dont want to hear what we must to do, that Europian Union should not do it.


Countries are saying about us we are racist, but who can walk in streets who can go to any music festival without be scared of some terrorist attack? Yes its like that, when you will see which countries are the most safe in world, you will see there Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia… And why? Its not because Christians, because Czechia is ateist country. Somebody saying because we dont have so many immigrants (muslims, africans, ..). I am living in small city (100 000 people) and some children saw first not-white person when they were 10 years old.


Where is the problem? By the way, when we have in Czech some visitors who are muslims we will not attack them, dont worry. How i said, the most safe country.

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